New offering!

Are you an art therapist just getting started in private practice? Have no idea where to start and what to prioritize? Feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and just need support getting yourself organized?

I'm happy to share that I am now offering 1-1 or dyad consultation meetings for those getting started in private practice! 

These consultations can cover an array of topics and it is completely up to you what you'd like to cover!

• the joys and struggles of self-employment

• joining group practices or going at it alone 

• setting up a Psychology Today profile and copy review

• building a website using templates + website review

• figuring out your niche

• financial related topics, including strategies for putting aside money for taxes, getting started with charging GST/QST (when, why, how), business expenses

• setting up an office space 

• documents such as consent forms and intake

• streamlining your documentation and scheduling systems

• fun stuff like decorating your office!

These meetings can take place anywhere! I'm happy to meet virtually, in a park or at a café nearby! Whatever your preference is. 

The rate for 1 hour of consultation is $60 including tax. There is the option to extend the time based on your needs. You can claim this is a business expense (we can talk about that, too)!

Click here to book an appointment or contact me for more information. 

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